Permanent Trails (PTs) formerly Year Round Events (YREs)

Permanent Trails (PTs) formerly Year Round Events (YREs) are available all year (Jan—Dec) they are run slightly differently from a normal walk. The start point for the walk, is usually at a convenience store, gas station or restaurant. These establishments have kindly allowed us to hold the a “Walk Box” for the walk.

NOTE All trails close at dusk, please ensure you register at least 2 hours prior to dusk.

Signing up for a Permanent Trail Event:

A. Arrive at the Start Point. Ask the person at the counter for the Walk Box (location of walkbox within the startpoints is listed below). Move to a location in the store where you are not hindering other customers and open the box
B. Take out the registration binder. ALL WALKERS MUST REGISTER & SIGN the book.
C. If collecting the IVV Awards, find an empty envelope and place the $2.00 in it. Make sure you put the # (from the registration book) on the envelop as well as the date walked. Seal and place it in the Used Envelopes file folder.
D. Stamp your books and return the stamp to the appropriate file folder.
E. Get a map & directions. Close the box and return it. Thank the staff, and then exit and enjoy the walk.

Ottawa Voyageurs Year Round Walks

(Want to keep track of PTs you have completed in the year, download a PTs checklist click here):

All year round event registration close 2 hours prior to dusk.

NEW Google map locations for each of the following Permanent Trail Events:

1. CONVENT GLEN SOUTH CVF-018:- Start at Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex, 1490 Youville Drive, Orléans. Open from 08:00-21:00 hrs Sunday to Saturday with registration closing at 17:00 hrs. Walk Box located at the registration desk in lower lobby. Free parking and washrooms are available. Contact: Darlene (613) 830-4782
2. FALLINGBROOK CVF-050 (Seasonal 1 May-31 Oct):- Ray Friel Recreation Centre, 1585 Tenth Line Road. Open daily from 08:00-19:00 hrs. Walk box is located in the wooden box mounted on the wall to your immediate right as you enter the washroom foyer. Free parking and washrooms available. Contact:  Ole (613) 824-1583

3. CHAPEL HILL CVF-152:- Start at Circle K Convenience/Gas Bar, 1600 Forest Valley Drive, Orléans, Open Monday to Friday 07:00- 23:00 and Saturday/Sunday from 08:00 - 23:00. Walk Box located at the end of the counter closest to the door to the gas bar, ask staff for the walk box. Free parking is available at the store. Washrooms are not available. Contact:  Darlene (613) 830-4782
4. BEACON HILL CVF-195:- The Hill Butcher, Beacon Hill Shopping Ctr, 2339 Ogilvie Road. Open weekdays from 09:30-17:00 hrs. Weekends 10:00-17:00 hrs closed statutory holidays. Walk box is on floor to your immediate left in the corner behind the counter. Let staff know you are getting the walk box. Free parking and washrooms available. Contact: Maria (613) 745-6549

5. CONVENT GLEN NORTH CVF-213:-  Ultramar Service Station, 6481 Jeanne d’Arc Blvd. Ultramar is open every day. Registration is from 08:00-19:00 hrs.   Ask staff for the walk box. Free parking is available at the shopping centre. Washrooms at start point. Contact:  Kathy (613) 830-7437
6. BLACKBURN HAMLET CVF-233:- Shoppers Drug Mart, 2638 Innes Road, Ottawa, ON K1B 4Z5. Open daily 08:00- daily. 19:00 hrs. Please ask staff for the walk box. Free parking available at the mall. Contact:  Perry (613) 837-9914

7. DOWNTOWN OTTAWA CVF-268:- SPORT 4, 151 Bank St. (between Laurier and Slater) K1P 5N7. The walk will be open during store hours: M-W 9:30-17:00; Th -F 9:30-20:00; Sa 9:30-17:00 and Su 12:00-17:00 Contact: Pat (613) 230-5659
8. TRIBUTE TO THE CANADIAN FORCES CVF-277:- Champagne Fitness Centre, , 321 King Edward Ave. Open M, T, W, F 06:30-21:30 hrs and Th, S, S 09:30-16:30 hrs. Ask for Walk Box at reception desk. Parking on street beside the Champagne Fitness Centre or the parking lot. Washrooms are available at start. Contact: Benoit (613) 746-9071

9. ELMVALE ACRES CVF-281:- Shoppers Drug Mart, Ottawa Lighthouse Walk. 1559 Alta Vista Dr, Ottawa, ON K1G 0E9 Open daily from 8:00 am to midnight. Please ask cashier for the Walk Box. Free parking and washrooms available at the Tim Horton’s in plaza. Contact: Karen (613) 731-5417, moc.liamg|amenevnerakm#moc.liamg|amenevnerakm

10. NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION CYCLE CVF-355 (Seasonal 15 April - 151 Oct):- Routes are on paved NCC / local pathways, rural-urban neighbourhoods and trails throughout the Ottawa and Gatineau areas. Cycle during daylight hours. To register or for more information contact Graham at (613) 821-0056 or Graham Fawcett for details.