Walking Events

Notice to ALL walkers doing CVF walks in ANY part of Canada

The Canadian Volkssport Federation will not accept liability for medical expenses due to accident while doing any of our sponsored walks. The CVF HIGHLY recommends that Canadians and non-Canadians have proper and adequate medical insurance when they do a walk out of their home province, or arrive from another country.

Club Walks - are walks offered by the club once on a specific day, each of these walks has a specific IVV numbered stamp. There are different types of club walks:

  • Volkssmarch - the traditional club walk which has a marked trail, with a start point, a midway checkpoint and return to the start point/finish desk to have your books stamped.
  • Map Walk - these walks provide walkers with a map / written directions for the route from the start point and return to the start/finish desk.
  • Group Walks - may be offered at volkssmarches or map walks to escort "new" walkers or walkers who wish to meet new people and have company while they walk. Typically the Ottawa Voyageurs offer group walks of the area YREs to encourage walkers to walk all year long. Group walks always have a leader who knows the route and a sweeper who makes sure no one is left behind. During the Winter months there is often the opportunity to join the group for a meal or beverages following the walk.

Permanent Trails (PT) - are (formerly Year Round Events (YREs)) walks which are available everyday that the start point location, is open. Most PT start points are open 365 days per year, however some are closed Christmas and New Years. PT start point locations have a "Walk Box" which hold a registration booklet, directions, maps, club information, CVF information and the event stamp. These self administered events allow you to stamp your distance books each time you walk and twice per year you are allowed to stamp your event books (once in the 1/2 half of the year and once again in the last half of the year)

National Capital Region Walking Schedule - is a master schedule outlining group walks for YREs, event walks, and bus trips, cronological by date. We encourage new walkers to join us for a couple of walks to get to know us.

Canadian Volkssport Federation Special Walking Program

The CVF created //Special Walking Programs// to encourage walkers to complete a series of walks locally, provincially and nationally to earn awards.

The Canadian Volkssport Federation website details on each of these programs on the registration forms online.