Snowshoe Season 2024

Winter is almost officially here and that means snowshoe season. Carole Robichaud (one of our new members) has kindly volunteered to look after our “schedule” for this winter. The same as last year, you can get credit for your distance, whether you go with the group or if you go out on your own. Credit will be given for 5km or more. (A tracking sheet will be sent out later so you can keep track of all the times you snowshoe). When snowshoeing with the group, a sign-in sheet will be available so once you register and pay $1, you will get your label for your distance book. In case you are wondering, the average distance snowshoed with the group is 5km

If you have never snowshoed before, it’s as easy as walking and a lot of fun.

If you are interested in snowshoeing, and would like to have your name put on the list to receive emails for when and where the group is snowshoeing, please send your name to Carole (moc.liamg|636duahciborelorac#moc.liamg|636duahciborelorac) Once the season begins, if your name is on the list, you will receive the weekly notices.

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