Membership Life Honourees

Ottawa Voyageurs Walking Club - LIFE MEMBERSHIP

Do you know a member who is deserving of this award? Let’s recognize them at the next AGM. Please submit their name to our president or anyone on the Club Executive.

The Ottawa Voyageur Walking Club Constitution Section Membership 4.b states:
b. For services rendered, any regular member may be admitted to life membership status upon reaching:
(1) 75 years of age, or
(2) the number 75 by adding up age of the regular member with full years of service to volkssporting, after initiation by or submission to and approval of the Executive Committee. Life members have the same privileges as regular members but pay no annual fee and must fill the Club Membership Application Form annually, in order to maintain current the Club members’ records.

Current LIFE MEMBERS are:

2009 Helene Viel 2010 Ole Olson
2012 Diane Hoskins (deceased 2020) 2013 Kathleen Kurtz (deceased 2023)
2017 Steve McPhee 2017 Betty Gallimore
2017 Graham Fawcett 2017 Jim McConkey
2018 Benoît Pinsonneault 2018 Kathy Luten
2021 Lynda O'Dwyer 2021 Carol Jobst
2023 Perry Crowder