General Information about IVV Events

What is Volkssport?

Volkssport events are events (types of events are described below) sanctioned by the International Federation of Popular Sports (Internationaler Volkssportverband (IVV)) through the Canadian Volkssport Federation (CVF).

Volkssport events are non-competitive and without the stress of speed or strains of endurance. Volkssporters enjoy walking, skiing, swimming, skating events which allow them to exercise at their own pace building up their fitness level and each participant is a winner. Participants are encouraged to build up their fitness levels by participating in challenge programs offered by the CVF.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate. There is a fee for each event. Each participant can proceed at his/her own pace. Families can participate together. It is a safe and simple activity and a form of exercise that can stay with you through the ages. An adult must accompany children under 12 years of age. Pets must be on a leash and a poop and scoop law is in effect (some walks may pass through areas were pets are not allowed.

Medical Insurance

Notice to ALL walkers doing CVF walks in ANY part of Canada

The Canadian Volkssport Federation will not accept liability for medical expenses due to accident while doing any of our sponsored walks. The CVF HIGHLY recommends that Canadians and non-Canadians have proper and adequate medical insurance when they do a walk out of their home province, or arrive from another country.


The Ottawa Voyageurs Walking Club is a member of the Canadian Volkssport Federation. As such all events offered by the club are sanctioned IVV events and most members participate in the IVV Awards Program.


Each participant must register at the start of the event. The event will be open regardless of the weather. However, extreme weather conditions may cause changes so please check with a member of the Executive. Please obey all traffic and pedestrian signs and rules and do not litter.

Volkssporting Events

There are a number of sporting events that are eligible for "Volkssport" awards. Each type of event is discribed below.


Is a marked (signed) trail of 5, 10 or 20 kms. Usually there is an individual award available for those who complete the walk. The routes usually have a checkpoint with water and rest areas. Following the walk there are refreshments available at a cost. This is an opportunity to socialize with fellow walkers.

Map Walk:

Is a walk of 5, 10, or 20 kms with instructions and a map. The trail is not marked. Walkers follow written instructions and a map of the route. Which begins and ends at the same point.

Guided (Group) Walk:

Is a walk of 5, 10 or 20 kms lead by a guide. These group walks are usually have two to four guides to accommodate the fast, medium and slow walkers.


Is a bike ride of 25 to 40 kms. The trail can be marked but usually instructions and a map are provided at the beginning of the route. Checkpoints are set up along the route.


Snow conditions permitting, these are cross-country ski events in the winter. They are 10 to 20 km distance routes in nature areas on ski trails, where available.

Permanent Trail (PT):

These are 10 km (sometimes 2 loops of 5 km) walks that are available at a permanent location year round (365 days, or at at minimum more than 360 days). Walkers are provided instruction sheets and a map at the start point and follow a route that is open during daytime for the full year. You self register, pay and collect your IVV credits.

Seasonal Events:

Similar to Year Round Events but only run for part of the year due to weather conditions and the trail. Usually May 1 to October 31 (from six months plus a day, depending upon the start month, up to 359 days)

Mid Seasonal

Similar to Seasonal but are open from four months plus a day, depending upon the start month, up to six months. End date depends upon the start date and the length of the months included.

Short Seasonal

Similar to Seasonal Events but run for a shorter time frame. Open between one and four months; number of days can vary with the start month and the other months included, regardless of the actual start date.

More-Days Walk

It is an event (Guided/Map) that follows a continuous trail over two or more days with the finish point for each day different than the start point. Each day the walking distance must be at least 10 km or more.

Round and Long Distance Walk (RLDW)

Is a series of walks (segments) that total a minimum of 80 km in length which can be completed at the walkers own pace over a long period of time. Instructions are in a booklet format and include routes, maps and instructions on how to get to the start point of each segment.

CVF Trail Rating - Level of Difficulty:

This two-part rating system was designed by the Canadian Volkssport Federation to indicate to volkssporters an estimation of the difficulty of a trail. The first part uses a number to refer to the difficulty of the incline while the second part uses a letter to refer to the nature of the terrain.

Part 1 Incline Part 2 Terrain
1. very little hill or stair climbing A. almost entirely on pavement, probably suitable for baby stroller
2. Some moderate hill or stair climbing B. A significant part of the walk takes place on well groomed trails with very little difficult terrain
3. Some significant hill or stair climbing C. A significant part of the walk takes place on somewhat difficult terrain (rocky/rooted paths)
4. A Good deal of significant hill or stair climbing D. A significant part of the walk takes place on very difficult terrain
5. Many steep hills or high altitude trails E. The majority of the walk takes place on very difficult terrain.

5-km routes will be available on most walks.

Volkssport events are not timed events. Do them for fun and fitness at your own pace.