Event Registration/Finish Volunteers

This list may make it seem like there are alot of things to do, but in reality it takes about 15 minutes max to review this list, find the appropriate items and set up.

Please read and check off that the following items listed are in the registration box. Please advise the Trail Director when items are missing. See contact listing in the Club Information booklet.

1. Registration Binder:

Take out the registration binder, read the waiver and note the columns that walkers are required to fill in. Make sure walkers check whether they are walking the 5 or 10 kms. (or other distances as set by the walk) and ask them to write in their departure time. Remind the walkers to check their name off upon return and get their IVV stamps.

2. Route and/or Map Plastic Holders:

Receive copies of the instructions/maps (when included) from the Event Coordinator; place in the clear file folders so they don’t blow off the tables or get wet.

3. Petty Cash box:

Check the box to see that there is:
a) A $50.00 float (which should be mostly toonies and loonies for change);
b) Several pens for signing in / out;
c) Stamp pad and IVV Stamp with appropriate slug;
e) Club name tags – stuck to the inside of the cash box PLEASE wear these at all times and return them to the cash box when you finish your shift.
d) Cash reporting sheet - Following the close of registration set aside $50 float in Loonies/Toonies then count up the remaining $s and fill out the sheet accordingly following the walk. Put it in an envelope and leave it in the cashbox for the Trail Director.

4. Page protectors:

If it is raining or may rain offer walkers a page protector to keep their route/map dry while walking.

5 Hard Clip Board for Stamping IVV Books:

When walkers return use the clip board to place the IVV booklets on before stamping to ensure that the stamp is clear.

6. Black Photo Frame with a copy of the Club Booklet open to the next 2 Walks:

Set this frame on the table so that walkers are reminded of the next two Ottawa Voyageurs Walking Club walks.

7. Volunteer Sign-Up Binder:

Ensure that this binder is on the table in a visible place and remind our membership that volunteers are still needed by checking the binder. Note the yellow post-it notes on events requiring 1 or more volunteers. It is extremely important that when members sign up that an email or phone call is made to the VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR so that the MASTER binder is up-to-date.

8. Ottawa Voyageurs Walking Club Information and Event Schedule Booklets:

Place some copies on the table for walkers to take.

9. Ottawa Voyageurs Walking Club Membership Forms

Keep in the registration box and hand out when asked about membership in the Club info books.

10. National Capital Region Schedule(s)

Keep in the registration box and hand out when asked about upcoming walks in the area.

11. Club Banner:

a small or large banner should be hung near the registration table.

12. IVV Award Booklets

IVV Award Books for sale at $7.00 (5 of each colour for events, distances (English & French) and 1st 5 FREE booklets are kept in there as well as insert sheets. Please track which booklets are sold at each event and place the money from these sales in a ziplock bag in this brown portfolio. Please advise the Trail Director which books were sold at the event and fill out the IVV Award Booklet inventory sheet.

13. First Aid Kit:

Check to see that the red first aid kit is in the registration box so that you can get it quickly should someone require it. If products are used let the [[[club-executive |Trail Director]] know so that the kit can be replenished.

14. Candies and/or goodies,

When available, make sure to put them on the table for the walkers to enjoy.

15. Garbage Bags

Please use these garbage bags to ensure that walkers put all their garbage in a bag and that the registration area is clean following the walk.

16. Club YRE envelope stamp is in the box.

If a YRE Box holder requests the YRE envelope stamp (a large grey self-inking stamp) please allow them to stamp their envelopes and make sure the stamp is returned to the box.
Please ensure all items are cleared and placed back in the registration box to give to the Trail Director or pass on to the next event's coordinator/volunteers.


It is greatly appreciated.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask the Event Coordinator or the Trail Director (contact information).
If walkers ask you questions you don't know the answer to please jot down their names, the question and a phone number to pass on to a member of the Executive. Who can call them to answer their questions?