An easy and contactless way to register and walk an OVO PT. The OVO website has been updated to include 5 km and 10 km routes for all our Permanent Trails (PT).

Steps to registering and walking the Ottawa Voyageurs Walking Club Permanent Trails contact free:


1. Ensure you sign and forward your Ottawa Voyageurs Walking Club’s Annual Membership and Waiver forms to the Membership Coordinator. (unless already done and so confirmed)

2. Choose which PT(s) you would like to do; download the appropriate instructions, and then do the walk (to download a tracking sheet for your PT(s) click on the image on the right: page one is how to fill out the form, page two is the blank form, page three is the annual waiver);

3. Next pay for your walk, by including the PT name/number, distance and number of stamps required or if using cheques please include a mailing address or your email address to receive your stamps. The payment can be made either by:
a) Electronically by sending an e-transfer to the Secretary or
b) By mailing a cheque, made out to the Ottawa Voyageurs Walking Club to:

Ottawa Voyageurs Walking Club
102 -151 Bay Street,
Ottawa, ON K1R 7T2

4. Cost is the same as if registering in person; $1 for members and $2 for non members the first time you do the walk in the first half of the year and $1.00 for each time you repeat that walk until June 30th, then $1 for members and $2 for non members the first time you do the walk in the second half of the year and $1.00 for each time you repeat that walk until December 31st.

5. After your waiver and payment is received, you will be sent an electronic insert with the appropriate PT stamp(s). You may choose to do multiple walks of a PT or multiple PTs before sending in your list and payment, for example five times and then submit your payment with a list of which PT(s) and distance you have walked and you will be forwarded the appropriate stamps.

1. CONVENT GLEN SOUTH CVF-018 Routes:- Contact: Darlene (613) 830-4782

2. SANDY HILL - OVERBROOK CVF 050 Routes:- Contact: Marion (613) 435-0568

3. CHAPEL HILL CVF-152 Routes:- Contact: Darlene (613) 830-4782

4. BEACON HILL CVF-195 Routes:- Contact: Maria (613) 745-6549

5. CONVENT GLEN NORTH CVF-213 Routes:- Contact: Kathy (613) 830-7437

6. BLACKBURN HAMLET CVF-233 Routes:- Contact: Perry (613) 837-9914

7. DOWNTOWN OTTAWA CVF-268 Routes:- Contact: Pat (613) 230-5659

8. TRIBUTE TO THE CAF (CANADIAN ARMED FORCES) CVF-277 Routes:- Contact: Benoît (613) 746-9071

9. ALTA VISTA LIGHTHOUSE CVF-281 Routes:- Contact:Karen (613) 731-5417