2021 Annual General Meeting

The Ottawa Voyageurs Walking Club will hold the Annual General Meeting on April 24, 2021 via Zoom. An email will be forwarded to members with the login details for the meeting along with a link to this page to access the following reports.


Due to the Ontario Stay at Home Order up to May 20, 2021, the AGM Walk has been delayed until after the lockdown.

NOTE: To view the reports right click on the photos and select "open in a new tab" to open the PDFs of the reports.

Reports to the 2021 Annual General Meeting:

2021 Agenda
2020 AGM Minutes
2019 AGM Minutes

Reports from Officers:

Agenda 4 a Acting President/Vice President
Agenda 4 b Trail Director
Agenda 4 c Publicity Coordinator
Agenda 4 d Membership Coordinators
Agenda 4 e Volunteer Coordinator
Agenda 4 f Communications Coordinator
Agenda 4 g Past President/Secretary

Agenda 5 Treasurer’s Report
Please review these financial reports and if you have any questions for the Treasurer please send an email before April 18th so that a proper response can be prepared prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Agenda 6 Castor Committee Report

Agenda 8 New Business:
Agenda 8 a Constitution Amendments