2020 Communications Coordinator's



respectfully submitted by: Kathy Luten
Throughout 2019, I have promoted the Ottawa Voyageurs Walking Club online by:

1) Updated the website with the 2019 events, reviewed and updating other information.

2) Updated the Facebook page with the 2019 events; promoting these events as they are coming up by inviting Facebook users; the numbers of people sharing our events continues to increase.

3) Move Your Feet So Kids Can Eat Charity Walk – coordinated the 2019 event with Orleans Cumberland Community Resource Centre – The club is looking for someone to assume coordination of this event. After 13 years of coordinating this event I am stepping down. However the need to support the east end food bank continues to grow. Please consider stepping up to coordinate this event.

4) With the assistance of the Club Executive, the club annual Event and Information booklet was revised. This included reformatting the laying out the booklet and removing advertising.

5) Prepared the 2019 issues of The Voyageur newsletters with the input and assistance of Executive members

6) In preparation for 2020, I updated the club website and will continue throughout the year to ensure the website is updated with any last minute changes. Please continue to check the website regularly for updates.

7) Throughout 2020, I will ensure that events are promoted on Facebook as well as preparing the 2020 newsletters.